Membership Value

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Membership Value

When you become a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association (NSPA), you gain access to a wide array of valuable benefits and services.

Most importantly, when you join the NSPA, you strengthen the communal voice of physiotherapists in Nova Scotia. Your membership supports our committed volunteers, each of whom works tirelessly to advocate for your profession with government, media, payors, other professions, and the public. With your support, we also represent Nova Scotia’s interests within the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Physiotherapists in Nova Scotia automatically become members of the NSPA when they join the CPA. Both organizations offer valuable benefits and services.

As a member of NSPA, you will

  • Gain access to local professional development opportunities at member rates when the Association sponsors courses
  • Receive regular communications regarding Association activities, local courses, job opportunities, member news, and more
  • Become eligible for the Association’s bursaries and awards
  • Participate in and benefit from provincial advocacy efforts, such as providing comment on emerging legislation and fee negotiations
  • Participate in local networking activities, such as District meetings and NSPA's Annual Meeting and Exhibit
  • Have the opportunity to participate on committees and in other volunteer capacities, which will greatly expand your network and your ability to contribute to the profession as well as strengthen your resume
  • Provide financial and demographic support for our projects and initiatives.


  • Join a national community of more than 14,000 physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants working across all areas of practice
  • Gain access to a large and strong network of resources, information, thought leadership, best practices, and business guidance to help you throughout your career, wherever it takes you. Membership provides you with a voice in discussions with legislators, regulators, and policy-makers across the country.
  • CPA’s insurance program is the longest standing, most secure and most comprehensive coverage available to physiotherapists anywhere in Canada.  

To learn more about the wide range of CPA National benefits and services, visit the CPA website.

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