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Physiotherapy Students:  Get Involved!

The Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association knows that students represent the future of our Association and our profession.  We actively seek student input and involvement in a variety of Association activities and decision-making bodies. If you are a student in the field of physiotherapy, here are some ideas for how you can get involved with NSPA and CPA:

  • Become a Member!  Physiotherapy students can join their professional associations right from day one.  Membership in both the CPA and the NSPA is FREE for physiotherapy students.  See below for more information on joining.
  • Become a National Student Assembly (NSA) student representative. The NSA needs one first-year and one second-year representative from each entry-level physiotherapy program in Canada. Typically, the individual selected as the Junior Representative continues on to be the Senior Rep, providing mentorship to the new Junior Rep. In addition to participating on the NSA Council, you'll also participate as a member of the NSPA Board of Directors, the governing body of the professional association in Nova Scotia.
  • If you’re a Physiotherapy Assistant student, become a member of the National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA) in addition to becoming a CPA and NSPA member.  Please click here for full details.
  • Volunteer on a committee. NSPA's Public Relations and Member Services Committees have student members.
  • Attend NSPA's Annual General Meeting and related educational and networking events.
  • Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram @nsphysio and join in the conversation. . The National Student Assembly and NPAA also have facebook pages for national networking.
  • Let us know what you're thinking! Have an idea for website content or a professional development course? Have you found a great physiotherapy practice resource in the course of your studies that you think other members would want to know about? Let us know!

Becoming a Member is Easier than Ever (and Free!)

CLICK HERE to find out about all the amazing opportunities that await you with your membership!

Student Membership Eligibility

You are eligible for FREE physiotherapy or physiotherapy assistant student membership if you are enrolled in:

  • An entry-level degree in physiotherapy at a recognized university program in Canada
  • A recognized International Physiotherapy Graduate bridging program
  • A recognized formal education program for Physiotherapy Assistants (programs with accreditation or candidacy status)

Students can join CPA and NSPA at the same time! CLICK HERE  to find out more.

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