Nova Scotia Award Recipients

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Nova Scotia Award Recipients

Nova Scotia physiotherapists are proud of our colleagues’ accomplishments! Many Nova Scotian physiotherapists have received National and Provincial association awards – our congratulations are extended to all!

NSPA Awards are presented each year at our Annual General Meeting. Details on nomination and application processes for awards will be communicated to members via email. 

NSPA Recent Graduate Prize

Brittany Melanson (2024) Lauren Windsor (2023) Monica MacDonald (2022) Daniel Muise (2020) Breagh MacInnis (2019) Doug Vincent (2018) Jessica Roy (2017) Heather Pothier (2016) Mitchel Squarey (2015) Catherine Crocker (2014) Juile Woodroffe (2013)

NSPA Award of Excellence

The NSPA Award of Excellence (previously the Silver Award) is an award given annually to a Nova Scotia physiotherapist and NSPA member in good standing who has demonstrated outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas: administration, clinical practice, education, professional contribution, research.

Recent Award of Excellence Recipients

Crystal Cameron (2024) Andrea Goldstein (2022) Katherine Harman (2020) Robert MacDonald (2019) Chris Henderson (2018) Tracy Davison (2017) Tanya Nichol (2016) Kathy-Anne Woodford (2015) Nancy Walker (2014) Agnes Madsen (2013) Sandy Rennie (2012) Sharon Mailman (2011) Stella Roy (2010) Andrea McAllister (2009) Susan MacLeod (2008) Shelly Malcolm (2007) Gail Creaser (2006) Alison McDonald (2005) Paulette McKenna & Beth Langille (2004)

NSPA Congress Bursary for Association Volunteers

Introduced in 2011, the NSPA Congress Award for Volunteers provides bursary funding for attendance at CPA National Congress to an NSPA member who has provided volunteer service to the Association.

Congress Award for Volunteers Recipients

Jessica Bergevin & Keltie Cheney (2024) Adria Quigley & Hannah Peters (2023) Stephen Richey & Emily Gray (2018) Lisa Croft & Piaf Des Rosiers (2016) Kate Grosweiner & Alissa Decker (2015) Kristin Taylor (2014) Erin Davidson (2013) Carolyn King & Alison McDonald (2012) Nancy Walker (2011)

NSPA National Award Recipients

Enid Graham Award: Sandy Rennie (2014) Marilyn MacKay-Lyons (2011) Joan Cleather (2008) Joan Walker (2002) Kenneth Hill (1989)

CPA Life Members

Nancy Walker (2018) Jane Cameron (2015) Carolyn King (2012) George Turbull (2010) Sandy Rennie (2010) Marilyn MacKay-Lyons (2009) Joan Walker (2009) Beth Langille (2005) Isabelle Zwerling (2001) Janet Leigh Schaffner (1995) Joan Cleather (1991) Kenneth Hill (1989)

CPA Honorary Members

Carolyn King (1996) Lydia Makrides (1993) Janet Leigh Schaffner (1993) Diane Crosby (1992) Marilyn MacKay-Lyons (1992)

The Clinical Education Award

Alison McDonald (2016)

Mentorship Award

David Kachan (2020) Rhonda Readon (2016) Gail Creaser (2014) Gail Wainwright (2012) Alison McDonald (2011) Jill Robertson (2009) Carolyn King (2005)

Helen Saarinen Rahikka

Jesse Robson (2014) Julie McGivery (2005) Keltie Cameron (2003)

Global Health

Beth Langille (2011) Kenneth Hill (2002)

Silver Quill

Lydia Makrides (2005) Marilyn MacKay-Lyons (2001)

NSPA Clinical Research Bursary - Discontinued

The NSPA Clinical Research Bursary is awarded annually to a physiotherapist to help offset costs associated with presenting research. Priority is given to physiotherapists who are primarily in clinical practice and/or do not have a mandate to conduct research as a component of their employment or educational responsibilities.

Recent Clinical Research Bursary Recipients

Adria Quigley (2019) Adria Quigley (2018) Kyleigh Woods (2016) Ann Read & Dianne Walker (2011) Sandra Curwin (2010) Sarah Bradley (2009)


Visit the CPA website for more information on CPA’s national awards.

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