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Our Team


The Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association (NSPA) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, supported by an Executive Committee and three Standing Committees.

Members are warmly invited to contact the Association at any time. If you would like to connect directly with any of the board members, send an e-mail to info@physiotherapyns.ca and we will assist.

NSPA BOARD, 2020-2021

President:  Monica MacDonald - president@physiotherapyns.ca

Executive Director:  Patricia Connors - ed@physiotherapyns.ca

Administrative Assistant:  Candice Brewer - admin@physiotherapyns.ca

Directors & Officers:
Vacant, Secretary 
Lauren Windsor, Treasurer
Korede Akindoju
Rebecca Clark
Brittany Melanson
Carter Piercey, Dalhousie 2nd Year Rep.
Stephanie Cairns, Dalhousie 1st Year Rep.

NSPA Committees

The NSPA has three active standing committees that support the work of the Board on a project basis: the Advocacy Committee, the Member Services Committee, and the Public Relations Committee. Committees generally meet 4-8 times per year and offer a great way for members to get involved with the work of the Association without a significant time commitment. If you are interested in becoming a committee volunteer, please contact info@physiotherapyns.ca.


Chair:  Vacant
Mandate:  The Advocacy Committee is responsible for advancing the NSPA’s chosen advocacy priority or priorities. This includes confirming an annual advocacy goal from the list of priorities. The goal can be the same goal from the previous year. However, the members of the Committee must confirm the goal and, if applicable, review progress on an active advocacy strategy.  

Members of the Committee will be responsible for taking action on the tasks identified in the advocacy strategy, which may include:

• Meeting with local, provincial and federal politicians
• Writing letters to the editor
• Posting messages on their own social media accounts
• Working with the public relations committee on posts that specifically support advocacy efforts
• Delivering presentations to relevant audiences
• Meeting with individuals within the Nova Scotia Health Authority
• Facilitating relationships with members of other health and/or social service professions

Members of the Committee will need to follow an agreed upon set of messages prepared in pursuit of the advocacy goal active within a given year.

The Committee is also responsible for liaising with the NSPA’s public relations committee and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s (CPA) communications team on matters related to advocacy and matters that may overlap with public relations.


Chair: Rebecca Clark
Mandate: The Member Services Committee aims to achieve exactly what it describes, providing services to NSPA members. This committee is comprised of the previous Professional Development (PD) Committee, and the Awards Committee, and encompasses many other initiatives. Four main pillars define Member Services: 

1) Professional Development 
2) Awards & recognition 
3) Social planning 
4) Member engagement 

Initiatives and activities fall within one of the above pillars, and sub-groups will be working hard to bring exceptional member services to members.

Public Relations Committee

Co-Chairs: Brittany Melanson 
Mandate: The Public Relations Committee is responsible for identifying, developing, co-ordinating, and promoting opportunities that foster positive public awareness and understanding of the physiotherapy profession. Committee activities include creating targeted advertising, website development, social media messaging, designing brochures/print media, and managing relations with media, government, and members of other health and/or social service professions. The Committee is also responsible for liaising with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Communications Department on matters related to public relations.

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