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Friendly and caring members of the Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association and their clinics can be found in communities all across Nova Scotia. Remember, a physician's referral is not required to see a physiotherapist; however, some insurance companies require a physician’s referral in order to reimburse for physiotherapy treatment – check with your physiotherapist or your insurance company to be sure.

You are welcome – and encouraged! – to contact any of the clinics in our Find-A-Physio database in order to book an appointment.

Use the search box below to find a clinic that suits your unique needs, or explore the clinics in your area of the province by clicking on our interactive map above. Finding a physiotherapist to keep you moving has never been easier!

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PLEASE NOTE: Our "Find-A-Physio" database is not a complete listing of all therapy service providers in Nova Scotia or of all communities or hospitals where physiotherapy services are provided. Only those facilities that have chosen to be listed are included. This information is not to be used for unsolicited third-party communication. No consent is given for Commercial Electronic Messages.

Physiotherapists can be found all across Nova Scotia.

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