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UBC Gunn IMS (Halifax) - CPD Certification Course

Location: TBD

Dates: Monday, January 17, 2022 -

UBC Gunn IMS  (Halifax) - CPD Certification Course

Course Sponsor/Host: UBC Gunn IMS (Halifax) - CPD Certification Course
Location: TBD
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: (Part1A $1,125 ), (Part1B $1,200) and (Part2 $1,200) Total cost $3,525


Part 1A – Online (Jan 17, 2022 to Mar 17, 2022) Part 1B (May 14-15, 2022) and Part 2 (July 9-10, 2022)


This is the only dry needling course in Canada that has been externally audited and accredited by a tertiary institution with the authority to grant Mainpro+® (maintenance of proficiency) credits for physicians according to national and international best practices as established by the College of Family Physicians of Canada National Committee on Continuing Professional Development. 

The Gunn IMS approach is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of persistent myofascial pain syndromes (including muscle, joint, tendon, bursal, fascial, neural and biomechanical problems); using intramuscular dry needling and related postural and rehabilitative concepts. It considers these problems as stemming from segmental nervous system dysfunction rather than simply local muscle trigger points. The model was developed by Dr C. Chan Gunn and described in his book “The Gunn Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain”. 

Dr Gunn has endowed UBC with the responsibility for the ongoing teaching of the Gunn IMS model of treatment - a program that has run continuously since 1994. Since 2013, the Gunn IMS Program has been part of the UBC Faculty of Medicine and is now located in the Chan Gunn Pavilion on the UBC Vancouver campus. All course proceeds are used to support program development and research in Gunn IMS. 

Application of the model requires an advanced level of clinical reasoning and pattern recognition, mature clinical judgement, extensive anatomical knowledge and precise palpation skills, and students applying must meet certain prerequisites. Please visit for details.


Three parts must be completed successfully to receive certification:

Part 1A – Online (Jan 17, 2022 to Mar 17, 2022) This component comprises lecture material, training in the Gunn IMS neuropathic assessment, completion of the anatomy and theory exams, and the submission of a case study. 

Cost: $1125

Applications accepted until Dec 17, 2021. Assessment components due by March 17, 2022.

Parts 1B and 2 – both in-person –  HALIFAX (details at will each comprise two days of mostly dry needling skills training which must be assessed by instructors to be safe and effective to receive certification.

Cost: $1200 each

Part 1B and P2 courses include physical contact between instructors and participants.  Course participants will practice assessment and treatment techniques (including intramuscular dry needling) on each other. Instructors may also demonstrate assessment and treatment techniques on participants. UBC Gunn IMS COVID-19 safety protocols have been developed according to principles established by Canadian health authorities, provincial health ministries and the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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