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The Pain Masterclass

Location: Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

Dates: Saturday, January 22, 2022 - Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Pain Masterclass

Course Sponsor/Host: Mike Sangster / Nova Spinal Care
Location: Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: $375.00


January 22nd, 2022 - January 23rd, 2022

Recent advances in modern pain science have changed our understanding of the role of the brain and the nervous system in the rehabilitation of the athlete experiencing persistent pain. This two-day course will provide the clinician with an understanding of clinically relevant pain science and the rehabilitation techniques that target specific pain mechanisms. Assessment techniques to differentiate the new pain classifications including nociceptive, neuropathic and nociplastic pain will be detailed. An in-depth review of the best evidence physical and pharmacological treatment approaches for persistent pain as well as the principles of psychologically informed practice will be provided. This course consists of a series of lectures, case study, practical sessions, and clinical applications. 

Upon completion of this course the clinician will be able to:

  • Describe the new Pain and Movement Reasoning model.
  • Understand the functional and anatomical brain and nervous system changes in persistent pain.
  • Understand and apply a mechanism based clinical classification system to differentiate nociceptive, neuropathic and nociplastic pain presentations.
  • Discuss the evidence on the relationship between pathology findings on imaging and pain presentation.
  • Perform a skilled subjective evaluation of the patient with consideration of illness perceptions and expectancy and their relationship to persistent pain.
  • Perform a skilled objective examination to differentiate nociceptive, neuropathic and nociplastic pain presentations.
  • Increase effectiveness of current therapies through application of psychologically-informed clinical practice principles including therapeutic neuroscience education, positive expectancy, and brief action planning.
  • Understand the current best pharmacological approaches to pain management.
  • Apply management skills according to the best evidence pain science for patients with complex pain including graded motor imagery, perceptual manipulation with virtual reality, cognition targeted exercise therapy, tactile acuity and sensory discrimination training, and advanced clinical neurodynamics.


Instructor Bio:

Dr. Michael Sangster is a graduate of the Dalhousie University School of Physiotherapy, the Master of Business Administration program at Saint Mary’s University, and the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Utica College. He is one of four Clinical Specialists in Pain Science in Canada. His primary clinical interests are Pain Management and Global Health. Mike has worked extensively in both adult and pediatric complex pain and is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at the Dalhousie University School of Physiotherapy and a lecturer for the Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management at McGill University. In addition to teaching, Mike is a member of the Canadian Pain Task Force, a contributing author to the Oxford Textbook of Pain, a TEDx speaker, and a co-developer of the online pain curriculum at SickKids in Toronto, Canada. Mike is a member of the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists, a founding member and the former Vice-chair of the Pain Science Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and is currently an assessor for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Clinical Specialization Program for Pain Management. Mike is passionate about global health and travels annually to resource scarce regions of the world to participate in capacity building initiatives with local clinicians.  On his travels he has fulfilled the North American amateur soccer player’s dream of being invited to play soccer with locals in both Peru and Rwanda, hiked the Inca trail, braved a perilous tuk tuk ride in the back streets of Bangkok, played cricket with children in Dharavi, swam with sharks, set the Canadian record for hiking Gros Piton, and survived dengue fever.



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