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McKenzie MDT Part C: Advanced Lumbar Spine & Lower Extremities

Location: Online Atlantic Region

Dates: Saturday, February 12, 2022 - Sunday, February 27, 2022

McKenzie MDT Part C: Advanced Lumbar Spine & Lower Extremities

Course Sponsor/Host: McKenzie Institute Canada
Location: Online Atlantic Region
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: $795.00
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Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® - MDT: 

A reliable assessment & classification system for the spine & extremities, that leads you to an effective treatment strategy for your patients.  To be effective, treatment strategies first require a thorough and accurate assessment. Now is the perfect time to discover why thousands of clinicians worldwide rely on MDT to improve their patient outcomes.  Assess and diagnose patients accurately and confidently using the McKenzie MDT system.



Dates:  12, 13, 26, 27 FEB/2022

Eligibility: Completion of just Part A or, both parts A and B  /  Fee: $795.00

Online Registration: 

Instructor:  Richard Rosedale, PT, Dip. MDT

This course is comprised of four sessions conducted fully online. As with all McKenzie MDT courses, legitimate patient demonstrations with follow-up appointments will take place during the online course.



Sessions 1 and 2:  Online with Live Instruction 12-13FEB22 (SAT/SUN)  /AT  11.00AM – 6.45PM.  Session 3 and 4:  Online with Live Instruction 26-27FEB22 (SAT/SUN) / AT 11.00AM – 6.00PM.  

This 28 hour / 4 session course will firstly assist the participants in expanding their capabilities for the assessment, classification and management of patients with complaints of low back, related referred pain and functional limitations. Secondly, the theory and practical application of MDT for lower extremity musculoskeletal disorders is presented. Lectures, patient assessments and practical sessions are utilised to demonstrate the characteristics and management of the syndromes and OTHER subgroups as they present in the lower extremity.

Problem solving, reflective learning and clinical reasoning activities are utilised to ensure the participant has a broader knowledge of MDT in the biopsychosocial framework of the musculoskeletal experience. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss and extensively practice the MDT assessment, classification and management process through workshops, discussions, and patient demonstrations. Practical sessions are utilised to develop skills in the application of both self-treatment and clinician procedures.

As with the other courses in the McKenzie Institute post-graduate program, this course helps further a clinicians ability to utilize MDT as a comprehensive system for assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders.

Course Outline includes:

Advanced knowledge and skills to more effectively achieve centralization of pain and recovery of function
More complex lumbar patient demonstrations, analysis and discussion
Focus on advanced clinical reasoning using complex case studies
Refinement of hands-on skills: direction-specific overpressure and mobilization
Enhanced patient empowerment skills
Differentiating lumbar, sacroiliac and hip problems
Technique practice and clinician confidence with hands-on procedures
How to use MDT to comprehensively assess lower extremity disorders
Introduction of MDT assessment and treatment for hip, knee, ankle/foot
Differentiating mechanical pain from red flags and serious pathologies
Enhanced exercise prescription confidence for the spine and lower extremities
Lower extremity patient demonstrations, analysis, and discussion

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