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Diagnostic Imaging for Physiotherapists - Start Anytime

Location: Online

Dates: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 -

Course Sponsor/Host: Key Clinical Skills Inc.
Location: Online
Registration Dates: Start anytime, anywhere
Registration Fees: $950.00 plus tax
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Diagnostic Imaging for Physiotherapists- you can start this online course anytime! Visit to register and for more course information.

This program has been developed to prepare Physiotherapists to work at the top of their scope of practice in MSK care. This distance-learning program delivers over 60 contact hours of self-paced learning through four comprehensive courses: Imaging foundations, Imaging spine, Imaging Extremities and Imaging Utilization supported by videos and additional resource materials. 

Participants will be grounded in diagnostic imaging concepts for the musculoskeletal system. The imaging views and modalities and common pathologies as seen on diagnostic imaging will be detailed. Clinical utilization guidelines and practice recommendations/indications are delivered with quick reference summary tables provided in the 850 + page handouts which may be downloaded and printed for future reference. The course has a strong focus on the clinical utility and optimal utilization of diagnostic imaging in physiotherapy practice. 

The program has been developed and is being delivered by Key Clinical Skills, a recognized leader in post-professional education for Physiotherapists in Canada. A certificate of completion is provided for your professional portfolio. Previous graduates of this program currently order diagnostic imaging in Nova Scotia.

Course Objectives:

Upon completing the Medical Diagnostic Imaging Course, participants will:

Understand the key foundational concepts of Diagnostic Imaging and the formal rules governing the use of radiation on patients 
Understand the risks of subjecting patients to radiographic studies
Understand the radiological evaluation and commonly seen pathologies of the Musculo-skeletal system
Understand the clinical indications, contraindications and limitation of various imaging modalities 
Be able to fully integrate Diagnostic Imaging into clinical practice through the understanding of the roles of different health care professionals
Acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to order diagnostic imaging with the physiotherapy scope of practice including:
Competency to choose appropriate studies
Review individual patients for indications and contraindications for specific studies
Assess radiation loads
Prepare for new emerging employment opportunities at the top of your scope of practice


This course is open to all Physiotherapists practicing in all areas of the health care system. Participants do not require prior experience in ordering medical imaging.  As all program content is delivered online, reliable access to Internet services should be secured. 

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