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Physiotherapy helped me

accomplish my goal

of learning how to walk again

Physiotherapy helped me accomplish my goal of learning how to walk again

In October of 2013, I survived a stabbing that left me paralyzed from the waist down. Initially, I was told that my spine was completely transected and that my chances of walking were very slim. I was in shock. After a month in the hospital, I moved into the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre. I learned there that my spinal cord injury was not complete, but incomplete!

My physiotherapy sessions began right away, helping me strengthen my upper body and also helping me strengthen the muscles that I could still use in my upper legs. The goal was to have stronger arms to move myself around and, eventually, to walk again with the use of long leg braces. I was amazed at how supportive and available all of the staff were in the physiotherapy gym. My sessions were always filled with good laughs, optimistic conversations, and a great workout.

After about two months, I began practicing walking with the long leg braces. It was an incredible feeling to be standing and walking - especially after thinking I may never be able to! With the help of such a supportive physio team, I was eventually able to walk the length of the gym. Today, I am still increasing the amount I can walk.

Throughout my stay at the Rehab, the physiotherapy staff helped me accomplish my goal of learning how to walk again - something for which I will be eternally grateful. They also helped me become stronger so I could use my arms to wheel and transfer. But more than that, they helped me work through the initial shock of becoming paraplegic by motivating me to keep going.

I am so grateful to have had an inpatient physiotherapist who helped me move, both physically and mentally. And as an outpatient, I am continuing therapy with another incredible motivator. Suffice it to say, I think very highly of the work that is being done at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre; they helped save my life, one step at a time.

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