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Political Parties Respond to NSPA Questions




The development of an election questionnaire is just one of the recent advocacy initiatives undertaken by the Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association (NSPA). The questionnaire was sent to all three main provincial political parties to seek more detail regarding their awareness of and support for physiotherapy services across Nova Scotia. Questions were developed by the executive but based on the NSPA advocacy plan and on the input provided by members who attended the 2015 and 2016 town hall sessions held across the province.


The questionnaire was sent to each party on Friday May 5th with a request that responses be provided to the NSPA Executive Director on or before May 18th at 2:00 PM AST. All parties met this deadline.




In order to maintain the integrity of the responses, all have been recreated below exactly as they were received. Other than collating them into one document, responses have not been altered in any way, including any grammar or spelling errors. Responses are listed below in order of party standing prior to the election being called, which was:


Liberal responses are listed first as the Liberals were the party that formed government prior to the election call.
Progressive Conservatives responses are listed second as the Progressive Conservatives are the party that formed the official opposition prior to the election call.
New Democratic Party (NDP) responses are listed third as the NDP were the province’s third place party prior to the election call.




Although the NSPA is a non-partisan organization, advocacy is among our strategic initiatives. Therefore, the goal of the questionnaire was to seek responses from each party on matters important to the NSPA and to then distribute those responses. In our introductory message to each political party when submitting the questionnaire, we identified that responses would be distributed to NSPA members and posted to the NSPA website.


Responses to our questions can be found here...



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