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In our role as advocates, the NSPA works with numerous stakeholders to highlight and reinforce the unique contributions made by physiotherapists like you. Whether working with a patient to improve mobility, decrease pain, or manage a chronic issue, those offering physiotherapy services play an important role in the delivery of comprehensive healthcare. It's essential that we advocate on behalf of our membership to ensure there is awareness about how our skills make a difference. 

But we don't advocate in the dark.

The NSPA has an advocacy plan that is reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Updates are made based on the progress of the previous year, the input of our Board, and the input of those who attend our town halls held across the province.

Nationally, we work collaboratively with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and with each provincial association to advance common interests and shared goals. We recognize the value of ensuring our voice is heard nationally as well as locally.

Advocacy Objectives within the NSPA's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

The NSPA's advocacy committee is committed to making a difference in healthcare in Nova Scotia. Over the next 5 years we will pursue the following objectives: 

Objective 1: Lobbying insurance companies for direct access
Objective 2: Developing relationships with PT stakeholder groups
Objective 3: Increasing the number of PTs in collaborative health clinics in NS
Objective 4: Engaging in initiatives to support PTs in NS working to optimized scope

Advocacy Highlights 

If you're interested in learning more:

2018 Achievments

2017 Successes 

CPA Advocacy Initiatives: Opioids and Pain Management and much more

The CPA advocates strongly for physiotherapy across Canada. Please visit and for educational handouts and advocacy news.

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