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Location: 2810 Windsor St, Halifax, NS

Dates: Saturday, October 14, 2017 - Sunday, October 15, 2017


Course Sponsor/Host: Young Kempt Physiotherapy
Location: 2810 Windsor St, Halifax, NS
Registration Dates: October 14th - October 15, 2017
Registration Fees: $745 Early Bird (register by September 12th, 2017) / Regular $895


MASTERING THE SHOULDER ADVANCED Level II: Advanced Orthopedics Our Advanced two day course for physiotherapists looking for further post graduate skills in shoulder rehabilitation. We offer a comprehensive mix of advanced topics focussing on key clinical skills for accurate diagnosis, primary management and complete rehabilitation.

Course Overview: Advanced sectional examination skills and methods for combining special tests will be taught to improve your diagnostic accuracy. Several advanced shoulder topics will be covered in detail along with integrated case studies exploring advanced clinical practice in successfully managing chronic and complex shoulder disorders.

Examination, imaging, rehabilitation progressions and multidisciplinary options will be taught for these advanced shoulder topics:

  • SHOULDER REPLACEMENTS - anatomical and reverse.
  • DISLOCATION MANAGEMENT - non surgical & surgical - Bankart, Remplissage & Laterjet differences.
  • CALCIFIC TENDINOPATHY - including manual therapy, exercise and Barbotage choices.
  • SCAPULA DYSKINESIAS - neural and non-neural based pathology and detailed rehabilitation.

Attendance at a Mastering the Shoulder course is a prerequisite to register for this course.

After completion of the Advanced course, you may apply for advanced certification (CASP). Light refreshments and all materials are included throughout both days.

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