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Location: ONLINE

Dates: Saturday, August 22, 2020 -


Course Sponsor/Host: Julia Mitchell
Location: ONLINE
Registration Fees: $520 for both days including supplies


There is no ‘one size fits all’ to human movement, rather there are many ‘human shapes’ that can accomplish the same movement goals. More important than stereotypic standards and measurements to ‘ideal’ movements we can provide a more COMPLETE strategy to movement screening by looking at the complete person, their environment and their unique ‘parts’.

The “FMT Movement Specialist” Certification is a 2-part certification course comprised of a 6-hr FMT Movement Assessment Course and a 6-hr FMT Advanced Movement Assessment Course. The “FMT Movement Specialist” Certification will provide attendees an integrated strategy for movement assessment, correction and programming. This course addresses multiple considerations that affect our ability to move including the psychological, neurological, motor, connective tissue systems, environment and personalities of our patients and clients. Movement efficiency and variability will be emphasized as key components to assessment and programming goals.

Human movement involves the interplay between the person and their environment alongside the person and their ‘parts’ being able to meet their movement goals. The FMT Movement Specialist course will emphasize goal oriented movement assessments with an emphasis away from stereotypic standard movement screening practices.This course will introduce a new paradigm for understanding and enhancing how our patients and clients move using three systems of human movement; neurological (mapping), core control (midline) and mechanical (motor) systems.

A variety of interventional tools (mobility balls, exercise bands, foam rollers, compression flossing bands, kinesiology tape, agility and conditioning equipment) will be used to tackle an evidence-informed, brain-based approach to movement and functional rehabilitation programming. The use of digital motion analysis technology will be presented to demonstrate how health and fitness professionals can be more objective when assessing human movement.
The FMT Movement Assessment Course is designed to help health and fitness professionals learn safe, simple, and effective tactics to assess ‘conscious’ movement. Attendees will learn multiple assessments along with intervention strategies of the fundamental movement of squatting.

The FMT Advanced Movement Assessment Course is designed to help health and fitness professionals learn safe, simple, and effective tactics to assess and address ‘unconscious’ movement. Attendees will learn multiple assessments alongside multiple interventional strategies to influence the movements of walking and breathing.

This course is intended for health and fitness professionals. Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification courses are led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy.
Included with the registration fee, each attendee will receive a foam roller, mobility ball, roll of kinesiology tape, scissors, compression band floss, and therapeutic exercise band.

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