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Dry Needling Level 1 Course

Location: Dalhousie University, Forest Building

Dates: Friday, June 21, 2019 - Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dry Needling Level 1 Course

Course Sponsor/Host: Acupuncture Canada & Dalhousie Physiotherapist
Location: Dalhousie University, Forest Building
Registration Dates: June 21 -23 (Online resources offered prior to in course dates provided_
Registration Fees: 1395.00 plus tax




Dry needling often achieves quick results and complements other treatments such as active exercise programs, acupuncture, and joint mobilization/manipulation. The Dry Needling Level 1 course presents the concepts and theories regarding myofascial trigger points with a self-guided online component, followed by a 3-day onsite session that teaches hands-on skills and techniques for a variety of muscles. Safety guidelines are emphasized throughout. Acupuncture Canada’s program uses the trigger point approach.

Course Objectives:

Dry Needling Level 1 addresses low back pain, piriformis syndrome, hip dysfunction, rotator cuff pathology, lateral epicondylosis, groin strain and other common conditions. Learning outcomes include:

1. Identifying referred pain patterns for specific muscles.

2. Identifying contraindications and precautions to dry needling.

3. Developing needle handling skill and competency.

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