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COMBO: Physiotherapy for Ano-Rectal Disorders & Physiotherapy in Paediatrics

Location: Halifax, NS

Dates: Friday, February 16, 2018 - Monday, February 19, 2018

COMBO: Physiotherapy for Ano-Rectal Disorders & Physiotherapy in Paediatrics

Course Sponsor/Host: Physio Uro-Sante
Location: Halifax, NS
Registration Dates: Now
Registration Fees: 2 day course option $750 + tax, 4 day course option $1250 +tax


Patients suffering from anal incontinence, evacuation difficulties, and various pathological and post-traumatic conditions can benefit from our help, through education, pelvic floor and global retraining, rectal re-education techniques and behavioral modification.

This course includes theoretical and practical sessions as well as a revision of the pelvic floor evaluation procedure. The entry level pelvic floor course on urinary incontinence is a pre-requisite.

The second part of this course is inspired by French kinesitherapist Guy Valancogne and given by Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord, and designed to provide pelvic floor physiotherapists with the knowledge and tools necessary for the management of children suffering from various evacuation disorders. The Ano-Rectal Disorders course is a pre-requisite.

Participants may register for either or both courses, providing the pre-requisites have been met.

Instructors: Claudia Brown & Marie-Josée Lord

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