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Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity Certification

Location: 827 Bedford Hwy #204, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 0J1

Dates: Saturday, March 28, 2020 - Sunday, March 29, 2020

Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity Certification

Course Sponsor/Host: Strada Health & Fitness
Location: 827 Bedford Hwy #204, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 0J1
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: Early Bird (Before Feb 14, 2020) - 550; Regular 650
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This seminar takes a hands-on approach to assessing fundamental movement patterns and components of movement that are commonly associated with athletic development and sports-specific training. It is designed to augment the clinical and training skills of healthcare and fitness professionals alike. In this seminar, attendees will learn assessment protocols to help guide the evaluation, diagnosis (for healthcare practitioners), and intervention (treatment and/or exercise prescription) in both the presence and absence of traditional clinical findings. The AMA thought process and protocols help you prioritize your findings to determine the most effective intervention and allow you to customize assessments to any sport/activity.

Course Objectives:

You will be able to customize your assessments to any sport/position/task.
You will be able to prioritize the most important intervention for your athlete-patient.
You will be able to determine your athlete's movement profile and degree of motor skill.
You will have an adaptable thought process that enhances and guides your current and future skill set
You will understand concepts of movement variability, motor learning, and skill acquisition with relevance to each athlete-patient you see.
You will have increased buy-in from your athlete-patient

This seminar is intended to develop your thought process on how to assess movement in the context of the athlete in front of you. Many of the interventions to improve movement are often chosen based on intuition or conventional wisdom. This seminar will define movement assessment using current scientific principles.

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