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Advanced Vestibular Rehab Course

Location: Forrest Building, on Dalhousie's Carleton Campus

Dates: Sunday, December 02, 2018 -

Advanced Vestibular Rehab Course

Course Sponsor/Host: Bernard Tonks/Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic
Location: Forrest Building, on Dalhousie's Carleton Campus
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: $362.25 (Tax included)
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Advanced Vestibular Rehab course

This one day course is appropriate for therapists who have taken an introductory course and would like to review and enhance their skills.

Course Content:

Review and advances in the assessment and treatment of BPPV, UVL and BVL clients.

Advances in the assessment and treatment of selected otological and non-otological pathologies including post-concussion syndrome

Vision assessment and treatment programming

Patient related videos (nystagmus, oculomotor findings etc.)

Case studies

Review quiz

1. Assess and implement effective vestibular rehabilitation programming for individuals with Post-Concussion Syndrome

2. Understand and develop enhanced skills in assessing and treating BPPV

3. Perform a vision screening evaluation and develop an awareness of the role of Physiotherapy and Neuro-Optometry in managing individuals with these complex dysfunctions


* If you take both courses there is a $50.00 discount 

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