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Advanced Functional Needling

Location: Coastal Sports and Wellness, Bedford, NS

Dates: Friday, September 28, 2018 - Sunday, September 30, 2018

Advanced Functional Needling

Course Sponsor/Host: Advanced Therapeutic Programs
Location: Coastal Sports and Wellness, Bedford, NS
Registration Dates: Open
Registration Fees: $1245 (early bird deadline of Aug 1) / $1495 after Aug 1st
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The Advanced Functional Needling course is designed to help increase your capacity to safely and effectively needle functionally relevant points, and in doing so increasing your capacity to effect change in the movement capacity in the shortest period of time. 

As interest and use of needling/acupuncture grows there is a greater need to differentiate yourself from your peers. This Advanced Functional Needling course strives to provide you with advanced needling points and advanced principles not taught in most traditional courses.

You will be guided through precise insertion as well as safe and painless needling techniques to ensure best practice success and patient comfort.

Through this course you will leave with a deeper understanding of what your needles are doing in the body from a neuro-physiological perspective so as to leave you with confidence as a needling practitioner.

As well, you will learn the most recent research of electrical stimulation with acupuncture/needling and how to maximize electrical stimulation for greater results.

The foundation of the course is based on:

1. A thorough understanding of the neurophysiological effects of needling

2. Movement Assessment as indicated for needling

3. Best practice methods for utilization of electrical stimulation for increased efficacy. 

All participants must have previous experience with acupuncture.

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