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Physiotherapist Job Description

As part of our team of health care practitioners, the physiotherapist will be the primary for all Workers’ Compensation Board claims. Physiotherapy will function with the philosophy of utilizing our team to facilitate treatment and care of patients.

Physiotherapists perform some or all of the following duties:

•        Participate as a member of the Legge Health Clinic team in Rounds, an exchange of information, calibration and integration with the team regarding patient care and enhancing the overall clinic effectiveness.

•        Assess patients' physical abilities through evaluative procedures such as functional ability tests

•        Establish treatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses

•        Plan and implement programs of physiotherapy including therapeutic exercise, manipulations, education, the use of electro-therapeutic and other mechanical equipment

•        Evaluate effectiveness of treatment plans and modify accordingly

•        Communicate with referring physician and other healthcare professionals regarding patients' problems, needs and progress

•        Maintain clinical and statistical records and confer with other health care professionals

•        Develop and implement health promotion programs for patients, staff and the community

•        May conduct research in physiotherapy

•        May provide consulting or education services.

Physiotherapists may focus their practice in particular clinical areas such as neurology, oncology, rheumatology, orthopedics, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics, in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disorders, burns or sports injuries or in the field of ergonomics.

Employment requirements

•        A university degree or masters in physiotherapy, depending on the year of graduation.

•        A licence or registration with a regulatory body is required to practise physiotherapy in all provinces, primarily Nova Scotia.

•        Completion of the Physiotherapy National Exam, administered by the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulatory Boards.

Additional information

•        Progression to management positions, such as director of physiotherapy, is possible through experience and additional training.

•        Expansion of practice to satellite clinic and/or special events

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