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Our Team


The Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association (NSPA) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, supported by an Executive Committee and three Standing Committees.

A part-time Executive Director provides staff support to the Board and Committees and to the general operations of the Association.

Members are warmly invited to contact the Association at any time. If you would like to connect directly with any of the board members, send an e-mail to info@physiotherapyns.ca and we will assist.

NSPA BOARD, 2017-2018

President: Catherine Crocker - president@physiotherapyns.ca
Executive Director: Patricia Connors - ed@physiotherapyns.ca
Directors & Officers:
     Moire McLellan, Treasurer
     Andrea Goldstein, Secretary
     Crystal Cameron
     Piaf DesRosiers
     Stephen Richey
     Jessie Roy
     Doug Vincent
     Colin Wiseman
     Kyleigh Woods
     Daniel Muise, Dalhousie 2nd Year Rep.
     Luke Dillman, Dalhousie 1st Year Rep.

NSPA Committees, 2016-2017

The NSPA has three active standing committees that support the work of the Board on a project basis: the Awards Committee, the Professional Development Committee, and the Public Relations Committee. Committees generally meet 4-8 times per year and offer a great way for members to get involved with the work of the Association without a significant time commitment. If you are interested in becoming a committee volunteer, please contact info@physiotherapyns.ca.

Awards Committee

Chair: Kyleigh Woods
Mandate: The Awards Committee is responsible for developing, co-ordinating, and promoting the Awards Program of the NSPA. It also promotes other awards and activities that recognize exceptional contributions and/or excellence amongst Branch members. The NSPA Awards Program is a mechanism for appropriately recognizing persons who have demonstrated leadership, excellence, and/or a high level of service within the Association/profession.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Crystal Cameron
Mandate: The Professional Development Committee is responsible for identifying, developing, co-ordinating, and promoting relevant educational opportunities for members of the NSPA. Such opportunities may be directly related to clinical practice, management, or research within the physiotherapy profession, or they may relate to broader personal and professional skills development. The Committee is also responsible for liaising with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Business and Professional Development Department on matters related to professional development. A member sits on the National Professional Development Committee.

Public Relations Committee

Co-Chairs: Jessie Roy and Doug Vincent
Mandate: The Public Relations Committee is responsible for identifying, developing, co-ordinating, and promoting opportunities that foster positive public awareness and understanding of the physiotherapy profession. Committee activities include creating targeted advertising, website development, social media messaging, designing brochures/print media, and managing relations with media, government, and members of other health and/or social service professions. The Committee is also responsible for liaising with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Communications Department on matters related to public relations.

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